OB: Open Box

What is Open Box?

The Open Box can be used for free practice, but is mainly accessible to experienced members who have the necessary knowledge, to be able to carry out a training independently and without a coach.

The reason for this is quite simple: injury prevention!

Even if the Open Box is not always supervised by a coach, the well-known rules such as the unsolicited removal of equipment after training (barbell bars, weights etc.), the non-dropping of the barbell bar with 5 kg Plates, cleaning the racks and Barbells of skin debris, blood etc.!

What all we do in Open Box

We do not want members who are not so experienced or have technical deficits in the exercises to be injured in their own training. In the Open Box, a coach is usually present, but the training is not professionally instructed, as is the case in our classes. For this reason, the Open Box should also be used as an alternative option for our experienced members only if they do not make it to the classes in time or are offered no classes at the same time. As there are only 2 competition classes in the week and on some days no or only one performance class, the Open Box is primarily an offer to the members of the competition and the performance class. Please note that participation in the Open Box is booked as well as participating in another class.

Registration is essential!

The number of participants is limited.

If you’re interested in joining this class, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you: